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Life - a MudPie
LIFE - a MudPie is a theatre show without words! 

Funny, playful and uplifting – for the big kids and the little kids.

Two creatures come out of the shadows, find a bag of earth, they start to play and discover what life is all about. 


“All the stars in the house!” G.S.E. Djoflaeyjan.
“Four stars! Life is a beautiful show” MBL.
“Original, funny and visually stunning for people of all ages”.

S.J. Frettabladid.

an interactive participatory piece for adult audiences that works on people's senses.

In a Sand is an interactive participatory piece a sense-making experience of collaborative creativity activating the senses. The project becomes a space where researching, experiencing, and interpreting are brought directly to the audience , connecting the external and internal through the sand.

"It is a great example of how art can be used to connect people to themselves, to other people and to nature." Eva Rún Snorradóttir and Þorgerður E. Sigurðardóttir


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