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Life - a MudPie
LIFE - a MudPie is a theatre show without words! 

Funny, playful and uplifting – for the big kids and the little kids.

Two creatures come out of the shadows, find a bag of earth, they start to play and discover what life is all about. 


“All the stars in the house!” G.S.E. Djoflaeyjan.
“Four stars! Life is a beautiful show” MBL.
“Original, funny and visually stunning for people of all ages”.

S.J. Frettabladid.

The Three Bears 

A Phantasy by Eric Coates (1928)

A visual Symphony Concert for children


Music by Eric Coates

illustrations by Helga Arnalds

The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears lends itself admirably to picturesque instrumental treatment and the fact that every hearer is familiar with the story will make this work easily intelligible without words.

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The Monster my little Sister 
A solo performance played by Helga Arnalds. A highly imaginative and entertaining show that will appeal to families and anyone interested in the creative process.  It is a story about a boy who just got a little sister. The little sister turns out to be a monster and to save his parents the boy has to travel through dark woods and dangerous dragon trails to the end of the world. 


The Monster my
little SisteR 
Symphony Concert for children

with music by Eivør Pálsdóttir, Symphonic Orchestra, and a children’s choir.


A musical experience of high artistic quality for young children.


An unconventional symphony concert where the music, the storytelling, and the visual elements work together in creating an affecting experience for the children based on the theatre performance and the book by Helga Arnalds with music by Eivör Pálsdóttir and illustrations by Björk Bjarkadóttir.