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Inasand ...


An interactive participatory piece that works on people's senses. The sand is placed in a space with light and a soundscape. The audience is invited to engage with the material in silence, creating a state of playful waves in the mind, wandering together with pre-sensing, bringing awareness into the body. People come together and experiment with their own senses, dwelling in close contact with natural materials, allowing themselves to sense the imagination that is deeply rooted in their bodies. 

The space has been carefully curated with the audience's freedom in mind, the participants decide how they engage with the work, whether they play with the sand or watch the film, the other participants playing, etc. Helga's approach to recreating nature and the experiences connected to nature in a black box performance environment is both interesting and successful artistically and generous towards the audience...

It is truly a great example of how art can be used to connect people to themselves, to other people and to nature." 

Eva Rún Snorradóttir and Þorgerður E. Sigurðardóttir


Author and facilitator: Helga Arnalds

8 mm films: Ragnar Arnalds

Lenght: 35 min.

Photo credit: Margret Seema Takyar

Trailer: Egill Ingibergsson and Úlfur Arnalds

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