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creating a space for inner guidance

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the basic steps of Focusing.

Building on the methodology of the philosopher Eugene Gendlin which is a certain way of allowing our bodies to lead us into a deeper perception and self-knowledge. When working with the Focus method, attention is focused on the body and it consciously examines how we perceive experiences physically. This approach helps us to pause for a moment and thus create space for new and unexpected possibilities. It helps us to draw open attention to something we perceive and experience in the body but has not been put into words.

The body knows more about situations than we are aware of. For example, the body notices much more about a person we meet than we consciously notice. With a little practice, we can get a physical feel for this "more" that is happening in the situation. This can help us to create something that even surprises ourselves.

Focusing is a modern mind-body awareness method whose efficacy in reducing stress, improving resilience, and fostering personal growth is also demonstrated by a growing body of research. The name "Focusing'" is not used in the conventional idea of focused attention. Rather, Eugene Gendlin chose this word as a metaphor for the process of recognizing vague, subtle, or ephemeral somatic sensations that could gradually be brought into focus, as one might adjust a pair of binoculars to turn a blurry visual image into clear, recognizable objects. In recent years, Focusing has expanded from its origins in psychotherapy to numerous practical applications in fields ranging from education to medicine to business and the arts.

During the course, we get tools to:

  • Learning to listen to the body

  • To put the knowledge of the body into words

  • Traveling through the inner landscape of the body

  • To travel to the edge of what we are aware of knowing and understanding

Description in clear steps:

  1. COMING IN – Bringing awareness into your body

  2. MAKING CONTACT – with something inside

  3. DEEPENING CONTACT – This is the heart of the session. In this stage you spend time with something which is wanting your attention, giving it an opportunity to be known, sensing for the symbols, words, or metaphors that match it exactly.

  4. COMING OUT – Taking enough time with this last stage allows you to build a long-term relationship with your inner places, which lets your Focusing deepen and develop over time.

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