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Technical INFORMATION for Life - aMudPie

Space requirements  

Width: 11 m.  Height: 4 m. - Depth: 11 m.

Total blackout required.

Bar 6m.


Light Instruments

No.1    27 - Par 64 cp 62 - Hung  / 1000W

No.2     4 - Source 4 15 - 30  / 750 W

No.3     4 - Source 436  /  750 W

No.4    1 Source 4  25 -   50 /  750 W

No 5.   2 ADB   A56C   /  650 W            

No.6    2  Source 4  Revolution  or 4 Source  4 -25-50

No7.   Grand MA 2 with faders.






4 speakers RCF ART410-A or comparable

One mixer



Rigging and technical rehearsal 10 - 12 h.

With a pre - rig 6 h.

Rig down: 2 h.

Minimum 3h.  between performances.


Other requirements

8  x 40 l.  bags of planting soil for each performance.  In case of many performances in a row, it is possible to reuse about one third to half of that soil for the next performance depending on the soil and how moist it gets during the performance. 

Boxes for the soil to be stored in between performances. Has to breath. 

LINOLEUM: 4 x 5 m. with out junctions. 2,5 - 3 mm. thick . Off-white coloured linoleum. Here is an example:

6m long ca. 6 cm thick wooden - pole to hang light silk shadow screen on.

4 plastic watering pots see photos and link:        


Access to showers for the actors after the performance

Access to washing machine after the performance

Small boxes with soil and a seed for each child in the audience to take home after the performance.  This is an optional choice for each Festival / organiser if they want to invest in this idea. The idea is that the children in the audience get a small pot with soil (from the performance) with a seed to take home with them after the show to see how LIFE continues. The box could be something like a coffee cup, even like reused/ recycled once. We have used the seed of sugar beets because they grow fast. But it is up to the festival / organiser  if they want to add this to the experience of the performance. 

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