I am (not) here

An interactive participatory piece for adult audiences that works on people's senses. Sight and hearing are not the only senses that matter in the experience; the viewer does not stand outside and look but participates as a whole, perceptive body. The audience is invited to approach the work not as separate and special objects, but as a situation in which she enters and participates. It is a kind of gathering and playing opportunity that is proposed to the audience. Where people come together and do an experiment to their own senses, dwelling in close contact with natural materials such as shell sand from the beach. Allowing themselves to sense the imagination that is deeply rooted in the body. Learning through the body, researching something with all the senses open, learning from the material about nature, about themselves, about the interconnectedness of everything.

The philosopher Eugene Gendlin talks about the body as an environment in itself and how the inner and outer are unclear for example when we breathe or drink water. The air is outside our body and at the same time it is in our lungs. We are part of the environment around us and a cell in our body is also an environment.